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Insurance companies require documentation that your surgery is medically necessary due to specific health issues related to obesity.  The following information is generally required for the documentation and is included in the pre-authorization letter.

1  Your height, weight and Body Mass Index and any documentation you might have as to how long you have been overweight.

2.  Simply describing your condition as "morbid obesity" is not enough. A full description of all your obesity-related health conditions, including records of treatment, a history of medications taken and documentation of the effects these conditions have had on your everyday life is necessary.

3.  A detailed history of the results of your dieting efforts, including medically and non-medically supervised programs, medical records and records kept of payments to and meetings attended  with commercial weight loss programs.

4.  A history of exercise programs, including receipts for memberships in health clubs.

5.  A letter from your general physician(s) stating  that you are a candidate for bariatric surgery and that you have the diagnosis of morbid obesity. It is also very important for your physician to state that he/she has supervised you in diet/exercise attempts that have not helped significantly.
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