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Medical Insurance
Our patients are covered by many different insurance plans.  Each insurance company is unique in its requirements and the way it deals with The LAP-BAND® surgery.  Also, policies change frequently.

Once it is established that you qualify for the procedure, our staff will work with your insurance carrier and submit all required information to expedite their approval process.  This helps the patient in two ways.

     First, it eliminates the inconvenience of the patient having to
     deal with the insurance company themselves.

     Secondly, the patient knows, in advance, what the
     insurance company  will cover.
The first thing our staff does is prepare a letter to obtain pre-authorization from your insurance company.  The goal of this letter is to establish the "medical necessity" of weight loss surgery and gain approval  for the procedure.

You will need to gather some information for us so we can do the pre-authorization letter.   The information this letter will require is found on the next page (page 3).