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The LAP-BAND®  procedure could change your life!
Tired of being overweight and unhealthy?
Procedure Performed in Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi
Patient Information: LAP-BAND® Adjustment Symptoms
Follow-Up Schedule

Patients should be seen at 6 week intervals in the first year.

Patients are then followed every 3 months in the next two years.

Follow up with a nutritionist is encouraged, as is attendance at our monthly support group led by our Registered Dietician
Your general health may also be improving as weight loss is progressing, and as a result, medications and dosages need to be adjusted.  It is, therefore, critical that close follow up is also occurring with a patient's primary care physician.

The LAP-BAND® should not be removed when you have reached your target weight. The band must be viewed as permanent although it can be reversed when rare medical
situations present themselves.